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What are “named perils”? Maybe you have heard this language in reference to insurance before. It’s pretty simple, actually. Named perils are dangers that are specified and covered in a policy (homeowners). A named perils insurance policy is going to be less expensive because it covers only certain occurrences. READ MORE >>

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost? In Property & Casualty Insurance, these key terms are important to know, especially when purchasing a policy. Actual Cash Value is the price an item could be sold for right now. READ MORE >>

Bogey Lowenstein's house party in 10 things I hate about you was quite wild. Surely Bogey didn't expect it to get out of hand and end up with a broken window, but life is unpredictable. Are you prepared for those unpredictable events? Let's talk about homeowner's insurance so you can get prepared! READ MORE >>

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