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Nevin and Witt Insurance & Financial Services Blog: 3_2012

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Bogey Lowenstein's house party in 10 things I hate about you was quite wild. Surely Bogey didn't expect it to get out of hand and end up with a broken window, but life is unpredictable. Are you prepared for those unpredictable events? Let's talk about homeowner's insurance so you can get prepared! READ MORE >>

The Sci-Fi movie 2012 depicts the extreme in natural disasters. But natural disasters will always be a part of life, so your home and possessions should be protected. Flood Insurance According to, “Flooding is the nation’s number one natural disaster.” READ MORE >>

While Edward had no need for life insurance, Bella did! She was so prone to danger (vampires and werewolves, for goodness sakes) and clumsiness; her frail human life could’ve failed her at any time. But, on a serious note, life insurance is crucial to leaving your finances in order. READ MORE >>

Stu, a dentist himself, surely didn’t expect to wake up with a missing tooth. This is a great lesson about the importance of dental insurance. Most dental expenses are NOT included in health insurance, unless it’s a medical emergency. That means you need coverage unless you plan to pay out of pocket for cleanings, exams, READ MORE >>

We want your honest feedback! How has your experience been with Nevin and Witt? Tell us about it on Yelp or Google Places. You can review us there with a star rating and comments. Customer feedback and reviews helps us to improve our customer experience because we’re here to serve you. READ MORE >>

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